System Shock 2

Nightdive announces System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition

"You asked for it and we are working on it," the studio confirms in a no-frills announcement.

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System Shock 2 by Looking Glass Studios is one of the all-time classic immersive sims and, even if you haven't played it yourself, it's quite likely that you've enjoyed one of the many games that it has inspired in the years since its original release in 1999. Now, some twenty years later, developer Nightdive Studios has confirmed over on Twitter that an Enhanced Edition of the game is in the works.

Nightdive is currently working on a remake of the original System Shock (you can watch 20 minutes of gameplay right here if you want to see how the studio is getting on), and the developer had a hand in the re-release of System Shock 2 on PC back in 2013, but now the team is going one better than that and is working on an "enhanced" version of that game, although exactly what that will entail remains unclear at this moment in time.

While undoubtedly a genre classic, the game's archaic control system makes it a tough nut to crack, so hopefully some updated textures and a few quality of life improvements will make this uniquely atmospheric title accessible to a whole new generation of intrepid explorers.

When that will be remains shrouded in mystery, however, and it's also not clear whether the game will arrive on platforms beyond PC, but at least we know an update is in the works.

System Shock 2

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