Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods now has a release date

Fans can expect it on February 21.

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Night in the Woods is Infinite Fall's tale about Mae, a college dropout who returns to her home town to find that strange things are afoot, especially in the woods. Oh, and it's full of animals and a unique art style, which is presumably one of the many reasons it had a successful Kickstarter at the end of 2013.

The Night in the Woods Twitter has now revealed when we'll see Night in the Woods, however, and that date is February 21. The Twitter then went into a bit of a frenzy, thanking those who are working on the game and talking a bit more about development.

"Realtalk: we're not a big company. The core team is 3 people working out of our small apartments. I'm one of them. Hello," reads one tweet .

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Night in the Woods

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