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Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods final days on Kickstarter

Already funded, but we've neglected to tell you about it.

It seems we've neglected to report on a rather promising Kickstarter project. Luckily this promising campaign is already a success, but we thought we'd tell you about it anyway.

Indie developers Alec Holowka (Aquaria) and Scott Benson are Infinite Fall - the duo responsible for Night in the Woods. A delightful fable starring a cat called Mae - she's your typical angst-ridden college dropout youth as she hangs with friends. Friends like Bea the crocodile, the bear and fox couple Gregg and Angus, and the somewhat weird bird Germ who just started to hang out with them. Anyway, they live in Possum Springs a town you'll explore in the game as you run, jump and just hang...

Night in the Woods

"Night In The Woods is a 2D story-focused adventure/exploration game with many extracurricular activities to enjoy, characters to meet, and secrets to discover. Run, jump and use astral projection to explore the many sides of town of Possum Springs and the surrounding environs. Waste time around town with your crew of loser friends. Gain abilities that grant passage to new areas. Discover the secrets of a large cast of characters and the town itself. Experience a big crazy world and the remarkable events unfolding there. Play bass. Break stuff."

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With $182,799 accumulated ($50,000 target) you may still want to pledge your support for a copy of the game (Steam key) when it launches in 2015. Word on a possible console release is that it's simply too soon to commit and the creators didn't want to promise console stretch goals they had no real way of knowing whether they could achieve.

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