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Nifflas' Ynglet is a hand-drawn, dynamic-music platformer

Here's what the brand-new experimental game by Swedish developer Nifflas' Games looks and sounds like.

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We at Gamereactor can't help but love pretty much anything that comes out of Nifflas' Games, as the Swedish developer is all about innovation, beautifully-crafted 2D worlds and thought-provoking messages. We thoroughly enjoyed side-scrolling adventures such as Knytt Underground, Affordable Space Adventures, or Uurnog, among others, and now fans can look forward to Ynglet, Nifflas' brand-new experimental project.

Ynglet is defined as a "meditative platformer" but core gameplay combines both jumping between bubbles and swimming around the sky/space. Besides this, the game's audiovisual aspect relies on two distinctive pillars: the hand-drawn art by Sara Sandberg and the algorithmically-generated music by Nifflas' own software. Here's what it looks and sounds like:


Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren himself suggests this is "a platformer without any platforms", while the official description adds "playful puzzles" to the mix, all to the tunes of the aforementioned reactive soundscape. "I designed Ynglet to be a game both for people looking for a relaxed experience and players enjoying a hardcore platformer", said the Swedish dev.

Born as a game jam project at No More Sweden, Ynglet will finally release on PC and Mac in 2020, and it will be published by Triple Topping's Danish indie label and supported by the Danish Film Institute.


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