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Niantic to start Reality Bending testing for Pokémon Go

A new feature in Pokémon Go will let Pokémon move behind objects in the environment.

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AR technology is getting more advanced and Niantic, as one of the frontrunners using this technology, at least in the gaming industry, has announced that it's going to try out a new feature that will make Pokémon Go more immersive. The feature will be tested only for select phones to start (Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S10, Google Pixel 3, and Google Pixel 4) and it's called Reality Blending. The feature enables Pokémon to "move behind objects, either partially or completely," as you can see in this animation.

Niantic now asks Pokemon Go community to help them "developing a dynamic 3-D map of existing PokeStops and Gyms" so they can "continue to develop and refine AR features in the future." Level 40 players can opt-in to a feature called PokeStop Scan in early June and it will roll out to more players in the future.

This feature will let players upload up to 30 seconds videos of real-life PokeStops and Gym locations to Pokemon Go to help the developer map them out. You'll be asked to record video of a PokeStop or Gym in as many angles as possible. It is still unknown what kind of feature we will get by doing this, but Niantic says that it will enhance interactions to AR and "to create a special map of the world that inspires people to explore".

Are you going to help them out?

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