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Pokémon Go

Niantic hopes Pokémon Go will be around for another 10-15 years

The company has plans beyond all Pokémon being added.

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With Pokémon Go now being five years old and containing the bulk of creatures from the popular series, many fans have started to wonder about its possible longevity. The app is still widely popular (2021 is its best start to a year yet), but its trajectory is hard to predict as we've seen very few mobile titles over the years with such a lengthy lifespan.

It appears though that the future for Pokémon Go might not be as bleak as some fans have imagined. Niantic's EMEA product marketing manager Philip Marz recently had an interview with Eurogamer and he noted that the team hopes the game will be around for the next 10-15 years. He also detailed that they have "other initiatives" planned for after all Pokémon have been added.

The full section from the interview reads: "...From a content standpoint, even if there's a limitation in terms of the Pokémon that are still available, there's a couple of different other initiatives we are thinking about to keep the momentum going, actually, and really pay into that mission and ambition to make Pokémon Go a forever game not only for the next five years, but maybe 10-15. Who knows, actually, but I think the record of the past five years has put us in a great position to continue that momentum."

Would you be interested in playing Pokémon Go for the next 10 years?

Pokémon Go

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