Next-gen trade-in program revealed

GAME's scheme to offer £40 trade-in value on certain titles.

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GAME has revealed a few details surrounding their next-gen trade-in scheme, that will see gamers be able to recoup money when trading certain current-gen games for their next-gen equivalents.

There's not a lot of confirmed details as yet, for example, we don't know whether players will be able to transfer cross-platform (from Xbox 360 to PS4, for example), or whether there'll be digital options. At the moment this program will only be available in-store, and is set to expire on December 24.

What has been confirmed (via the retailer's website) is there's going to be a guaranteed £40 trade-in value for a selection of current-gen games, when swapped for next-gen versions of the same titles. As the games are currently listed at £49.99 (at least on the online the store), an upgrade would appear to cost £10. At the moment we're talking about FIFA 14, Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Next-gen trade-in program revealed

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