Next-gen Hitman title cancelled

Square Enix Montreal's game takes a bullet.

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The new Hitman title from Square Enix Montreal has been cancelled, according to reports (via Videogamer).

It appears that the project was cancelled after a tricky fiscal 2013 lead the company to centre the Montreal team's focus on mobile titles.

The studio's website is still littered with Hitman related images, suggesting that work is still ongoing on a Hitman title of some form, but according to the LinkedIn profile of senior game designer Richard Knight, the next-gen project was cancelled last year.

The cancelled game was originally billed as "a premium quality game in the award-winning Hitman franchise" when the studio was announced in 2012.

The LinkedIn profile of network engineer Anthony Pressacco states that the studio are now working on an "unnannounced Hitman game" for mobile formats, which makes sense considering the images on the studio's website.

Possible concept art for the game was revealed at the tail end of 2012. Whether the ideas that were being used to create the next-gen title are being used in the mobile game remains to be seen. Last year IO Interactive, the developers behind the main series, were effectively cut in half and given a mandate to focus solely on the Hitman Series.


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