Next-gen Buyer's Guide

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Still sitting on the fence and waiting to see which of the next-gen consoles has the edge? Want to jump ship and switch allegiances but not sure whether you're making the right decision? Here's our reviews on the two new consoles, plus a collection of our review scores for both. And don't forget Wii U, which celebrated its first birthday last month.

First up there's our PlayStation 4: Hands-On Verdict, and scores for all the launch games that hit Sony's platform.

When you're done there you can head to our Xbox One: Hands-On Verdict, and of course there's more launch reviews for your reading pleasure.

After all that, if you're answer is "none of the above", then join us as we look back at a tricky year for Wii U in One Year On, as we take stock and contemplate what's to come from Nintendo's console.

Next-gen Buyer's Guide

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