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World of Warcraft

Next World of Warcraft expansion to be unveiled in April

And we're getting Hearthstone news on March 15.

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Blizzard has announced when it will be lifting the curtain on the next era of World of Warcraft. Revealed in a recent blog post, it's been announced that the next major expansion for World of Warcraft will in fact be unveiled in April.

As the latest expansion, Shadowlands, is coming to a close, this will give World of Warcraft players another major development milestone to look forward to, but as for what exactly it will be, or where in the world of Azeroth it will take players, that has yet to be explained. All that we know is what Blizzard shared in the blog post.

"On April 19, the World of Warcraft development team will reveal the next expansion. We're excited to show you what we've been working on and where your adventures in Azeroth will go next."

In other Blizzard news, the famed developer is also set to be announcing a bunch of Hearthstone news next week, with an announcement that will focus on the first of the three expansions coming this year.

World of Warcraft

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