Total War: Warhammer

Next Total War: "There is something on the table"

But The Creative Assembly are keeping mum on what the historical team are up to next.

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We sat down and had an interview with Total War art director Kevin McDowell and we found out that there are many periods of history that they want to do and that there is something in the works.

If you could choose a particular area of history to focus on for future Total War franchises what would they be?

"I love this question. I have loads of great timeframes that I would love to do and probably anything that I tell you now, is probably not on the table at the moment. I'd love to do a First World War game, I'd love to do a Second World War game. I'm very interested in having another crack at the Medieval time period. I would like to do an 'ancients' game that predates Rome. I'd love to do a Vikings game, I'd love to do War of the Roses, the American Civil War loads of things."

Is there anything that you can tell us that is on the table right now?

"There is something on the table. Our historical team is a separate from the Warhammer team so they're carrying on and starting to develop some new stuff."

Current rumours would have you believe that The Creative Assembly are working on a third Medieval entry, but perhaps we should rule that out as McDowell did mention it.

The interview also went into detail about the work the art team had to do in order to create Total War: Warhammer, as well as what we can expect in terms of new content for the game.

Total War: Warhammer

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