Mass Effect: Andromeda

Next Mass Effect to step away from Shepard?

New story "doesn't necessarily relate" to previous events.

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We already knew that Bioware were plotting another instalment in the Mass Effect series, and that it wasn't likely to focus on the events of the recently completed trilogy. Now we have a clear indication that the studio are setting their sights on a new story that doesn't centre on Commander Shepard.

In an interview with Complex at NY Comic-Con, Bioware's Mac Walter said: "Well, I can't get into details, but the idea is that we have agreed to tell a story that doesn't relate necessarily to any of the Shepard events at all, whatsoever."

"Beyond that," he continued, "that's what we've been deciding for awhile. But throughout it all, one of the key things is that it has to be Mass Effect. It can't just feel like a spin-off. It has to feel like a Mass Effect game at its heart, at its core. Just without the Shepard character or the Shepard specific companions."

We can't wait to see what they come up with, even if Commander Shepard is nowhere to be seen in the next instalment.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

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