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Next game in the WRC franchise to release in September

PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One are all getting a new racing game with the next entry in the rally series set to release later this year.

WRC has been around quite a while and has seen plenty of developers take on the task of recreating racing glory for gamers all over the world. Kylotonn, the developer of the series since 2015, recently announced that the next game in the series is coming this September.

Ahead of release Kylotonn shared some information regarding the upcoming game, promising ''better graphics, more technical routes, smoother pace notes and a more comprehensive career mode'' after the franchise's two-year hiatus and informs us that there will be more realistic vehicle physics and more intense steering requirements in this year's instalment.

Players will have the option to choose their driver from this season's official WRC teams with roster names such as six-time World Champion Sébastien Ogie and nine-time World Champion Sébastien Loeb. Apart from these racing legends, WRC 8 also offers the option to pick a driver from a selection of WRC 2 and Junior WRC drivers to manoeuvre on the 100+ special stages sporting a new, dynamic weather system adding challenge to them all, across 14 different countries.

WRC 8 will launch in September for PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One. Will you be experiencing it?


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