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Next Battlerite character teased in animated short

Appears "From the Shadows" as season 1 kicks off March 7.

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Stunlock Studios has released an animated short teasing the next character in their arena brawler Battlerite, as well as detailing some rather major new features as competitive season 1 is set to start on March 7. Battlerite launched proper on November 8 last year and has since been in "pre-season", but now a number of changes are coming along with the Season 1 patch including regional leaderboards, pre-game lobby for solo and team players, daily rewards and a VR observer.

In anticipation of the new season an animated short featuring Croak and a new upcoming champion (due out with the season 1 patch). Battlerite is free-to-play on PC and Xbox One and there's a "Champion's Pack" available for purchase at £23.79/€27.99 that unlocks all current (25) and future champions, if you're not content to the free rotation and the unlocks you can buy with in-game currency or cash.


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