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The Darkness IIScore

The Darkness II

PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

"Minors and those easily offended beware. This wears its 18 rating with bloody pride. Jackie isn't afraid of the dark anymore, but neither should you be."

Text: Daniel Steinholtz | Gamereactor Sweden
Trackmania 2: CanyonScore

Trackmania 2: Canyon


"Regardless of whether you want to build stuff or just enjoy what others have created - Trackmania 2: Canyon provides."

Text: Daniel Steinholtz | Gamereactor Sweden
Toy Soldiers: Cold WarScore

Toy Soldiers: Cold War

XBLA / Xbox 360

"We're delighted with Toy Soldiers: Cold War, as it offers solid action, great controls, humour, and an extremely nice presentation."

Text: Daniel Steinholtz (Gamereactor Sweden)
The Sims MedievalScore

The Sims Medieval

Mac / PC

"The Sims Medieval is a life affirming experience spiced up with large doses of humour."

Text: Daniel Steinholtz (Gamereactor Sweden)
Mass Effect 2: ArrivalScore

Mass Effect 2: Arrival

PC / PS3 / Xbox 360

"The end is explosive, and qualifies as one of the best the series has had to offer so far...and Arrival forms a complete bridge to the plot of Mass Effect 3."

Text: Daniel Steinholtz (Gamereactor Sweden)
Apache: Air AssaultScore

Apache: Air Assault

PS3 / Xbox 360

Helicopter sims aren't exactly a dime a dozen these days and Apache: Air Assault has been flying under the radar a bit. Could it be worth picking up?

Text: Daniel Steinholtz (Gamereactor Sweden)
Haunted HouseScore

Haunted House

XBLA / Xbox 360

A lot of old classics get reinvented these days, but is Haunted House a game that should have been left well alone?

Text: Daniel Steinholtz (Gamereactor Sweden)
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