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Claus Larsen

All texts by Claus Larsen



Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"The story is really well-written, the graphics are great and the music is bold and fitting."

Text: Claus Larsen
Conan UnconqueredScore

Conan Unconquered


"Everything got a little monotonous, and this blend of gameplay is all that Conan Unconquered really has to offer."

Text: Claus Larsen
The ForestScore

The Forest

PC / PS4

"It proved to be rather enjoyable at times thanks to some exciting ideas, but it didn't fully click with us in the long-run."

Text: Claus Larsen
Black MirrorScore

Black Mirror

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"Together the audio and visuals will make you feel alone and unsafe, making it feel as if there's danger lurking in every corner."

Text: Claus Larsen
Sonic ManiaScore

Sonic Mania


"Since the '90s there have been several attempts to revive Sonic, but even if some games have been good there's been little consistency."

Text: Claus Larsen
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