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Loki (Disney +)Score

Loki (Disney +)

Loki sabotages timelines in the latest MCU TV series, a show that also sees Owen Wilson star.

Text: André Lamartine
Cruella (Disney+)Score

Cruella (Disney+)


The iconic villain is back, in a standalone tale that sees Emma Stone sporting the iconic black and white colours.

Text: André Lamartine


We've thoroughly enjoyed Damon Lindelof's captivating Watchmen interpretation. Here's our review of the HBO series.

Text: André Lamartine
Sea of SolitudeScore

Sea of Solitude

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

"It does have its moments and the unique mark of the developer clearly shows in the game's climax, but emotionally, the story feels too unfocused."

Text: André Lamartine
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