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FIFA 14 free on Xbox One for selected gamers

Digital code and 3 months Gold in promotion, plus similar campaign for Killer Instinct revealed.

Since the end of last month, gamers have been receiving emails from EA offering them a free copy of FIFA 14, a £15 digital code and 3 months of Xbox Live Gold.

The seemingly random emails have been appearing in the inboxes of gamers, offering them the free game and codes if they register their gamertag before the end of the year, and subsequently buy an Xbox One and register it before 23.59pm, January 5.

There's a link to the promotional page here, but trying to register won't work unless you access the page via one of the emails being sent out (as mentioned earlier, they're being sent by EA and not Microsoft).

It comes at the same time as similar emails are being sent out by Microsoft, this time for Xbox One launch title Killer Instinct. When questioned about the criteria there Microsoft Tweeted: "We considered a variety of things like Gamerscore, LIVE tenure, & other factors in markets where #XboxOne is available."

It's unclear whether the criteria mentioned regarding Killer Instinct are also applicable to the FIFA 14 promotion. Either way, you've got to have the email to eligible. The FAQ on the competition page states: "this is an exclusive offer that is only available for those who receive an invitation to qualify for the offer. Any attempt to duplicate the registration process will not qualify for the offer."

We've reached out to EA for clarification on the matter, and are currently awaiting their response. We'll update you when we know more.

This picture came via NeoGaf.