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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3: High Street cost

On foot? Know where to go.

After a swift check around London's high street this morning, the main retail chains are offering a fee discounts on Modern Warfare 3 purchases.

The general price seems to be holding at £44.99 - both GAME and HMV are selling both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions at that cost, and we noted that our local CEX was in the process of repricing the game to match its high-street rival (copies with a £60 tag were being repriced at £45).

For a straight up purchase, Best Buy is currently holding steady at £27.99 (though that's through newspaper advertisement confirmation) - only being offered as launch day price - it bumps back up to £39.99 as of tomorrow.

For those willing to trade-in, both GAME and HMV are offering higher than normal discounts.

You can get the latest Call of Duty for half-price if you trade in any of the following: Gears of War 3, Forza 4, Dead Island, FIFA 12, Batman: Arkham City, Resistance 3, F1 2011, Dark Souls, X-Men Destiny or Ace Combat: Assault Horizon in GAME.

HMV is offering the game for £9.99 when you trade in Battlefield 3, GoldenEye, Uncharted 3 or Batman: Arkham City.

The various supermarket chains are offering discount on the game only when combined with other purchases: but if you're looking to skim any excess and just get the game, you might be needing this.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3