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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

How to do a videogame ad right

Modern Warfare 3 live-action trailer.

It's likely not the last piece of news with the Modern Warfare 3 tag we write about today, but it's certainly the one that's gotten us most pumped for the game's release in...let's see....about twelve and a half hours.

This live-action trailer definitely does the business in translating the feel of Call of Duty's multiplayer (there's a single player campaign on the disc as well, just in case you didn't know) and has, as half-expected, some star talent acting out the first few hours of a Noob's entry onto the online deathmatch side of the FPS.

Watch, appreciatively chuckle - and just be glad they didn't film the part of an American teenager tea-bagging your corpse and saying indecent things about your mother.