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Gamereactor UK

Full Control on Space Hulk and Jagged Alliance: Flashback

We engaged in a turn based chat with Full Control's Thomas Hentschel Lund about the revival of turn based strategy.

We caught up with Full Control's Thomas Hentschel Lund to discuss the recently released Space Hulk and the kickstarted Jagged Alliance: Flashback.

As for Space Hulk Full Control has plenty of plans to expand the game beyond the released product:

"We are coming out with a new Space Marine chapter. And a lore based campaign around that chapter. We're working on a full campaign expansion as well and we're doing the co-op mode, which is almost done. There is very specific co-op based new co-op missions, or co-op campaign even. Four missions inside that so you can play three people against the AI, each playing a Terminator squad."

Next up for the team is Jagged Alliance: Flashback, a game that was successfully financed through Kickstarter ("on the last day, that was a rough ride"):

"Being able now with an iterative approach to release. This time around we can actually engage the community during development and get some vertical slices out to the backers and get some feedback. And draw in ideas, improvement suggestions so that we release the absolutely best Jagged Alliance at the end of next year."

Jagged Alliance: Flashback backers can look forward to the first vertical slice that should be ready by the end of the year, and the plan is to release Jagged Alliance: Flashback at the end of 2014.