Wasteland 2

Brian Fargo: "I've never had more pressure to ship a game"

We talk about Wasteland 2, the nature of Kickstarter and more with InXile's Brian Fargo.

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InXile Entertainment's Brian Fargo showed Wasteland 2 to the press at Gamescom and was surprised to find so many backers among the journalists. Pressure is on as one of the most high profile Kickstarters is nearing completion.


"I've discovered that probably half the press that have come in here today are backers of the game. So they've been anxious to see it as much as, not just from an intellectual press perspective, but from a real gamer's that got behind this from the beginning to see where it's been."

Speaking of the nature of a Kickstarter project and pressure Fargo said:

"I've never had more pressure to ship a game in my life. For sure. Kickstarter there's a lot of... I mean it's all I mean I love it. But it's very personal. You're putting yourself out there to succeed or fail for the world to see."

The road with Wasteland 2 has been long and many a publisher has turned down the opportunity to finance it.

"I love the category, the genre. I've always loved postapocalyptic. I love a certain kind of role-playing game, which is a very reactive one, very dark and kind of twisted, kind of funny, so there's a certain style of game that I love to do and I've been wanting to make. But at the same time there were gamers everywhere I would travel around the world going "when you are going to do another Wasteland?". So I knew there was a desire, I knew there was a desire for me to make it, but then there was a retailer or a publisher, there was obstacles in between so I never could get there. So I always felt like I knew people wanted it, how am I going to get there. It's been very fulfilling to be very persistent all these years and have Kickstarter come along and give me that opportunity."

"I was out pitching it. But they would have had their own spin, made it more console oriented or something, so eventhough it's been painful in a way it was good that it wasn't picked up and that it happened this way. Because this has allowed me to make it exactly how I wanted to. Have it party-based rather than single player based. And again darker than the average fare. A little more tactical in nature. Heavy emphasis on writing."

The plan is for the Wasteland 2 beta to open to backers and pre-orders in October.

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