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Grand Theft Auto V

GTAV already on sale at some Spanish retailers

Shop start selling Rockstar's opus ahead of next week's release.

Gamereactor Spain has learnt that some retailers in the country have already started selling copies of GTAV, well ahead of the game's launch next week.

After a phone call to a retail store to confirm an allegation that the game was being sold early, Gamereactor Spain was told: "yes, it's for sale. You can come and buy your copy".

It's not unknown for retailers to start selling titles ahead of their official release date as copies arrive early in-store. Exactly how this will play out in Spain over the weekend - whether the sales will remain isolated, or if other retailers will seek permission to sale the game too to compete fairly with those breaking the release schedule early -is unknown. Whether the same situation will be reflected in UK retail remains to be seen.

We're currently playing the game for review, with the embargo on our impressions lifting 3pm GMT next Monday, September 16th. In just under ten minutes we'll be live streaming a retrospective on the series.

This news story originally appeared on Gamereactor Spain.

Grand Theft Auto V