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Destiny: "It's all about choices"

Bungie's community manager on how players will create their own Destiny.

Gillen McAllister talks with Bungie's community manager, David Dague, about how players will shape their own adventure in Destiny via the choices they make and the gear that they use.

"It's not just about defeating your enemies and completing your missions, becoming more powerful over time," Dague told us. "It's about being a member of a large community that is sharing that adventure with you, alongside of you. Going into places like The Tower, where Guardians will meet up, look at each other and say: "where did you get that?""

Destiny promises to be packed with lore and player driven narrative. Dague explained how the choices you make, and the equipment that you use, will tell other players something about you: "The gear that you acquire along the way, the weapons that you win, or earn, or score by completing your missions, will be the things that define you. They will tell a story about you, and all of these things will also have their own backstory. So at a glance I'll be able to tell what type of player you are. I'll be able to tell what sort of destinations you've conquered. I'll be able to tell what game modes you prefer. I'll be able to tell how far you might be through the story. That's what we mean by "Become Legend." You have a reputation that precedes you, because you're awesom at this game."

"Choice" is a key word for Bungie when talking about Destiny. That extends to the gear you use ("The customisation options will become extremely dense. There's a lot of diversity. Everybody has a chance to create a unique character in this game.") and the powers you select ("The Traveller gives every Guardian some of his power, lets you wield some of that power, and the way you use those powers to fight; also pretty exciting.").

"It's all about choices, it's all about your decision," Dague reaffirmed. "So the way that you customise the build for your class and your character, one of the decisions that you'll make is which abilities do you use." Dague then goes on to list some of the different powers that players will be able to choose from (the Vidoc below is the reference point for much of what was discussed).

There's plenty of fans that want to know as much as possible about the studio's follow up to Halo. Bungie's community manager talks about finding the balance between giving the fans what they want, and holding some details back so as not to reveal too much: "We're sticking to our vision of a world that you want to visit again and again. Interesting mysteries to solve, deep, interesting adventures that you'll share with other people. And we'll keep some of our cards close enough to our vest so that when you finally get a chance to play yourself, there's still some surprises packed into that experience."

Destiny is set to launch on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2014.