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Payday 2

Payday 2 profitable six days prior to release

Starbreeze announce that publisher's investment has been covered by pre-orders.

In a statement to investors and shareholders of Starbreeze Studios the developer has announced that all the money fronted by publisher 505 Games towards the development of Payday 2 has been covered by pre-orders. This means that moving forward all revenue generated from all three versions of the game will be split between Starbreeze Studios and the publisher. The fact that this news comes six days prior to the release of the game is a sure sign that pre-sales of Payday 2 are healthy.

Payday 2

"Today Starbreeze has once again demonstrated that our strategy of focusing on our own properties is correct. Not only have we managed to deliver a desirable product in Payday 2 but also executed a promotion that few companies of our size can. We now look forward to the royalty income that can secure the company's development of its own IP in the future. That Payday 2 generates revenue for the company six days before the release is of course very unusual for games of this size and strengthens the long-term nature of our strategy," reads a statement from CEO Bo Andersson-Klint (translated from Swedish).