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Gamereactor UK

Dishonored: the new Deus Ex?

GRTV talks to Arkane about its FPS.

Clocked through Deus Ex and enjoyed its multi-branched approach to missions, and looking for more?

While not due until 2012, Dishonored is already looking incredibly promising, splicing a unique cityscape with an abundance of unique power sets for action-seekers or stealth assassins.

"Dishonored is a game that can be approached as a high-paced action game," explains co-creative director Harvey Smith in an interview with GRTV at Gamescom. "You can show up at the gate, blow down the doors, kick everyone's ass, let all the alarms sound, and leave a trail of bodies."

Or? "Or you literally play the game with no one seeing you from beginning to end. Sneaking, hiding, using trickery, using your powers to stop time, or short range teleport, or possess a fish and swim down the river. So its very scalable in terms of how you approach it and what the pacing is."

The director went on to explain how the combat system has seen multiple iterations to make first-person fighting feel natural.

"[We] had to work up a melee combat system from first-person. We have dual-wielding so you can have weapons and powers on the left hand, sword on the right. We have a wide array of movement modes like slide and lean that are critical for feeling like you're in the body...we have all these things you can combine. Further we have parry, block, assassinate, drop attack if you fall from above..."

Mix it together with the non-linear mission flow, where within a different mission there's many different ways to your goal, and it feels like your authoring your experience."

Watch the entire GRTV interview right here.