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Borderlands 2

More on Borderlands 2

New heroes join the battle.

Game Informer (who else?) got the exclusive scoop on Gearbox Software's sequel. Some of the information that has leaked out is that we will be playing a set of new characters, and that the ones we played in the first game will make appearances as NPC's. There will once again be a co-operative mode for up to four players, and Gearbox have worked hard on improving the artificial intelligence of the enemies.

There will be new weapons to master and various gun makers will provide their specific designs to the pieces. If you've happened to see the Game Informer cover it sports Salvador who is a "gunzerker". You will get to step into his shoes when Borderlands 2 hits in 2012. Expect more from Borderlands 2 next week, as it will be shown to the press at Gamescom.

Borderlands 2