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Gamereactor UK

Catherine coming to Europe

Deep Silver snags publishing rights.

While Catherine, Atlus' erotic puzzle game, is already out in Japan and the US, an eventual European release has been a bit of a questionmark. Until now. Today Atlus and German publisher Deep Silver announced that they have teamed up to bring the game to us poor, Catherine-deprived Europeans as well.

"Like us, they are dedicated to releasing interesting, unique entertainment content for their fans," Atlus CEO Shinichi Suzuki said in the press release announcing the publishing deal. "They share our belief that Catherine's unprecedented exploration of the psychology and horrors of commitment and relationships, its breathtaking visual design, and its frantic action-adventure/puzzle gameplay make for a thought-provoking, entertaining experience that cannot be missed."

This deal is fresh of the presses, so no release date or even an expected time frame yet. Catherine will get localised text in French, Italian, German and Spanish so it might take a little while.

If you somehow missed what Catherine is all about, take a look at the trailer and be enlightened.