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Mass Effect 3

Want a Mass Effect costume?

Talk to Crabcat Industries.

Comic book website Newsarama has been talking to Crabcat Industries, the company behind creating the Geth for the recent live-action Mass Effect 3 trailer.

Surprisingly given the quality of the work, the outfit is primarly a fan-driven affair, growing out of a small number of fans who'd been creating costumes for conventions for years, who decided to get together and "become a company and do videos and teach people how to make awesome costumes".

Head of company Holly Conrad explained how working for the BioWare live-action ad was "incredibly hard" due to the shortness of deadlines, but managed to craft impressive sculptures for the in a matter of days.

"It looked like we were in the Mass Effect universe," Holly explains. "When the husks were all suited up it was surreal."

She goes on to mention that the team is available for commissions, though its booked out until after PAX.

Check out the full interview here, and the company's website for examples of their fantastic work.

Mass Effect 3
Like this, but real.