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Rayman Origins

Ancel happy with BG&E HD

But why no Beyond Good & Evil 2 yet?

"It's encouraging us to work on that license," Michel Ancel told GRTV when asked about how the reception of Beyond Good & Evil HD has been. But how come we won't see the Beyond Good & Evil 2 on this generation of consoles?

"In fact, this generation of consoles is interesting for games like Assassin's Creed," Ancel said. "But for Beyond Good & Evil we want the world to be open and we want the player to be able to reach every place he can see. [...] That's why we're trying to find the best console to allow us to do that."

We had a long chat with Michel Ancel at E3 this year, discussing everything from Rayman Origins and Beyond Good & Evil 2 to the difference between working in 2D and 3D. Check out the full interview below!