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Bayonetta fought to Madonna

Platinum talks original music choices.

In a new edition of Platinum's multi-part commentary on Bayonetta, director Hideki Kamiya discusses the odd musical choices the studio had for battle scene backing tracks; originally Bayonetta would be fighting to the sound of Madonna.

"At the very beginning we played Madonna songs over combat scenes for fun," Kamiya explains during a run through of the game. "Well not just for fun. I've always wanted to use a famous song during combat. Eventually 'Fly Me to the Moon' allowed me to do that."

"The idea was to merge Madonna's image as a sex symbol with Bayonetta's strength."

The commentary video is the latest in a long line for the 2008's action-adventure title. Check out it, and the other seventeen chat-tracks, atBayonetta's official page on Platnium's website.