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The Evil Within

GRTV: Bethesda on The Evil Within

Pete Hines and Jason Bergman weigh in on the importance of Shinji Mikami, the score, and collaboration between studios.

Gillen caught up with Bethesda's Pete Hines (vice president) and Jason Bergman (senior producer), to discuss what little information there is on the game, the influence of Shinji Mikami, the score, and much more.

"He's the father of survival horror, but beyond that he's responsible for doing a ton of really well liked, well designed games over the last decade and a half, two decades. So it's great to work with a creative mind like his," said Pete Hines of Shinji Mikami.

"He runs stuff by us every now and then - says is this too much?" said Jason Bergman on how the process of monitoring content. "Honestly so far, no nothing really has come up. I mean we'll know it when we see it, but I think so far he has a good beat on what's within what people are willing to...

"But having said that those are the most dreaded meetings in our company," Pete Hines interjects. "Every time we have a meeting with Tango and they start putting up stuff that they've invented we're like "oh God, what is wrong with you guys? What in the..." Nothing's been rejected it's just absolutely horrifying."

"Tango has taken [idTech 5] and they've created their own lighting system," said Bergman och the engine and visuals. "It's all dynamic lights, all being done in real time. They've added a lot of post process effects like the film grain effect that you saw in the demo. They've made so that it works better with third person. They've added the cinema scope aspect ratio. They've done a lot to the engine to specifically capitalise on the kind of game they're making. And they're sending that back to id and we're sharing that with all our other studios. Machine Games have seen that and they've contributed stuff as well. There is a lot of tech sharing between the various studios in the Zenimax umbrella."

"It's being done internally," said Hines of the score. "Really talented folks working on the score and again it's part of that crafted experience of having the right music to fit exactly the mood or the tone that's trying to be created in that particular part of the level. Whether it's you think you're in an exploration part where you're gathering resources, but suddenly it becomes a frantic combat zone. Or you're certain that there's an enemy waiting, and there's not."

The Evil Within is being targeted for release next year on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 as well as next-gen consoles.