Starfield might be sci-fi but it will still have authenticity

Todd Howard doesn't go into specifics, but the man from Bethesda still had some interesting things to say about the game.

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People want to know more about Starfield, including us, which is why we were a little sad (though not at all surprised) not to see the game live on stage during Bethesda's E3 presser earlier this week. It's not on the agenda this E3, yet Bethesda's Todd Howard was asked about it during a recent E3 Coliseum Panel.

While Howard didn't go into specifics or describe the game in a meaningful way, he did outline a few things that point towards the style and tone that the studio is aiming for with the game.

"What I can say is, how we approach it so it feels... it's a game, but it still has authenticity to 'okay, this could happen. Like, what kind of fuel do the ships use? We're using Helium-3, which we can which we can debate whether that's a good power source for spaceships. Or how do the physics work in space, and gravity, and those kind of things?

"And that's where you get into- we have to gamify it some, so that it's not as punishing as actual space travel. But it still feels like travelling in space in our game is still like flight in the forties, it's dangerous. It's still dangerous to go and explore, even though lots of people do it."

Dangerous space travel with an authentic feel? Consider us intrigued.


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