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David Jaffe sparks controversy with Kratos bisexual tweet

After seemingly revealing Kratos as bisexual, Jaffe has come under fire for subsequent tweets revealing this as a lie.

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David Jaffe is a developer that's worked on games like Twisted Metal and Drawn to Death, but perhaps he's most famous for being the director of the original God of War and helping to bring Kratos to life. In fact, he recently revealed a message about Kratos in line with LGBT Pride Month, which reads as follows:

"Not to get all JK Rowling but when I was working on the origins of Kratos for the first games I knew he was a raging bi-sexual until he settled down with his wife. So Kratos is officially bi. Oh and the Oracle from GOW1? Lesbian, straight up! Boom!"

The director of last year's God of War game - Cory Barlog - even approved of this message himself with a tweet sharing love heart and rainbow emojis, but not all is at it seems regarding Jaffe's message.

"Sadly, that last tweet was a lie designed to just take the piss out of all the haters who are hating on that #PRIDE image of Kratos. I honestly never assumed Kratos was anything but straight BUT fuck it: if he was bi all along and we are just learning that now? Cool! Works4me," he wrote. "And it DOES make more sense for the time period. As long as Barlog loses that f****** beard for the sequel, anything they do with Kratos I'm down with!"

The picture in question comes from an account called OBlackThunderO, who shared the below image of Kratos in a shirt saying 'We Are All Human', along with rainbow designs. As Jaffe alluded to, this elicited negative responses from certain individuals on Twitter.

That wasn't all we heard from Jaffe on the matter though, as he offered further clarification:

"I posted my tweet because I was upset that people were upset by the great image someone made of Kratos supporting #PRIDE month. I was not 'queer baiting'. How utterly ridiculous. Anyone who follows my social media knows I am a strong ally of the LGBT community and I honestly would have zero problem IF Kratos were BI. But as I write him, he's not."

"Within 5 min I tweeted out that I was joking and was doing it to take the p*** out of homophobes. Some people are offended I would do this because they think it's 'queer baiting'. Please f*** right off. I would not do that and f*** you for thinking I ever would."

That said, he did acknowledge why people were frustrated:

"And please allow me to say this last thing on it (I promise!): I 100% can respect LGBT folks may feel bait and switched because I can imagine they have been waiting a long time to see great, heroic, and long-overdue representation in games. It was never my intention to suggest that sort of needed representation would be a joke. I think it's beyond time; it was time back in PONG days. So if you were offended by THAT part of my joke, I am sorry for that. Was not my intention. Happy #pride month to EVERYONE!"

What do you make of all of this?

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