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Satisfactory's first major update introduces conveyor lifts

We also get an Explorer vehicle to drive around in, as well as Nobelisk Detonators, a new rifle to deal some damage, and more.

Coffee Stain Studios' Satisfactory first launched in early access via the Epic Games Store on March 19, but now the first major update has been released, bringing new features for players to enjoy, including the first vehicle, aptly called the Explorer.

Conveyor Lifts have also arrived, helping you to transfer items and clean up your conveyor belts, and the Explorer is also pretty good at going upwards, with "cutting edge tire technology" allowing you to drive with very few limits.

New possibilities can be unlocked via quartz and sulfur milestones and research chains too, and if you really want to make an impact when looking for resources, then perhaps the Nobelisk Detonator is for you. The Rifle MK1 also packs a punch, if you need to deal with alien life.

Elsewhere we also have a new in-game map, Radar Tower, a tool belt that holds multiple items, and much more, all of which is outlined in the update video below. For more on the finer details though, make sure to check out the patch notes.

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