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Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo details new Super Mario Maker 2 modes and features

Last night's Direct has revealed some interesting new features coming to the creative sequel.

Last night, there was a Nintendo Direct for the platform game and level editor otherwise known as Super Mario Maker 2, and it gave us lots of new details about the upcoming Switch exclusive. The broadcast mentioned several new in-game objects and mechanics, as well as multiplayer game modes and the new story mode.

Nintendo is aiming at solo players with Super Mario Maker 2's new story mode and therefore will contribute 100+ levels to illustrate the numerous ways you can apply the game's many mechanics. In this new story mode, Princess Peach's castle has been destroyed and Mario wants to help her rebuild it. Therefore he needs a lot of coins, which we'll find in the levels.

In Multiplayer Versus up to four players can compete with each other to find out who will get to the flag the fastest, and players can hinder or help each other, creating a very unique dynamic.

The situation is similar in Multiplayer Co-op, although all we need to do here is make sure someone hoists the flag at the end of the course. Nintendo recommends that creators build special challenge maps for co-op friends and competitive players.

In Super Mario Maker 2, we're also allowed to cooperatively build in split screen mode, so we just have to give our buddy a second Joy-Con and then we can build together.

Also new for the sequel are the victory conditions that can be set for each course (besides reaching the flag at the end of the world). This may involve collecting a certain number of coins, defeating a set number of enemies, or having to reach the chequered flag in a particular form (with a cape, for example).

The online game modes use new matchmaking filters as well, which will allow us to determine the type of course we want to search for.

In the video below you get much more information about the new items, game mechanics, and Mario worlds. Super Mario Maker 2 will land on Nintendo Switch on June 28.

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