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Firewall Zero Hour

Firewall Zero Hour getting seasons and an Op-Pass

Operation: Nightfall will usher in these changes, including seasonal content, daily and weekly missions, and new maps and Contractors.

Firewall Zero Hour is a shooter exclusively made for the PSVR system, and after it was released last year, we now have a new PlayStation Blog post detailing Operation: Nightfall, the biggest update to the game since launch that's due to land on May 21.

Time-limited progression is coming via seasons, and each week you'll get a new mission to complete, each having rewards. Optional daily tasks will also be coming, giving you XP and Crypto as well. One mission will be available each week for free, but an Op-Pass (costing $9.99 USD, with other regional pricing absent) will grant access to premium and bonus missions with seasonal cosmetic rewards, much like a Battle Pass in something like Fortnite.

The infographics below give you a sense of what's on the way in the upcoming season, as well as a look at a legendary weapon skin being introduced, called Okoro's Volkov. This will be available to Op-Pass holders as the ultimate prize after completing 24 missions, costing 250,000 Crypto.

Firewall Zero HourFirewall Zero Hour

Elsewhere in Operation: Nightfall a new map called Hangar is coming, alongside the new Contractor Ruby. Ruby has a Thief skill that can steal Crypto from enemy corpses, and as for Hangar, this is a map set in Malaysia and available to all players, whereas Op-Pass holders are the only ones that can get Ruby. Her skill is also available as a timed-exclusive to Op-Pass holders, with all players available to get it at level 12 and with 12,000 Crypto after the season ends.

A mid-season update is also on the way, which will bring us a new map called FOB and a new Contractor Lynx, but before that we can experience three new weapons at the start of the season - the Richardson SG12, Sarge, and Raptor. These will all be available after completing weekly missions.

Elsewhere we can expect to see a totally new UI in the game, including quality-of-life changes, and there's new AI behaviour in the PvE training mode, like breaching doors and using equipment more intuitively.

As of May 21 we can also expect to see Hack Keys as well, with a pack of five costing $4.99. Each of these grants instant completion to one Operational Mission, with no XP gained. This does mean, however, that you'll get the full Crypto and mission reward. You can even get a bundle featuring the Nightfall Op-Pass and 25 Hack Keys.

Speaking of bundles, the following have been revealed too:

  • Year One Skin Bundle: Customize your Contractors and Weapons with this collection of six original Skins.

  • Year One Super Skin Bundle: Customize your Contractors and Weapons with this collection of 10 original Skins.

  • Year One Mega Bundle: Go all out with customizations for your Contractors and Weapons! This Mega Bundle includes 10 original Skins plus all Trinkets and Patches released to date.

  • Year One Trinket Bundle: Customize your Weapons with this collection of all Trinkets released to date.

  • Year One Patch Bundle: Personalize your Contractors with this collection of all Patches released to date.

  • Year One Contractor Bundle: Get the three newest Contractors in one Bundle. This three-Contractor Bundle contains Nash, Jag, and Node.

  • Year One Face Paint Bundle: Show them your game face with this collection of eight original Face Paints.

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