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VR games are getting their own E3 press event this year

UploadVR is putting together a pre-recorded stream with some virtual reality-related announcements, and it's due to air on June 10.

E3 is fast approaching and that means studios the world over are preparing their big announcements for the summer. The platform holders (except Sony) and major publishers are all getting ready for their own big reveals, much as they always do, but for smaller teams, it can be hard to get the attention that their games warrant.

We've seen a shift in the last couple of years with PC Gamer hosting a PC gaming-focused event because in the past there wasn't much for PC devs to rally around. That has proved a modest success, and now we're getting a similar offering from the folks over at UploadVR, who have been working with developers since last year in an effort to get a number of VR-centric projects the spotlight they deserve.

To that end, we can all watch the Upload E3 VR Showcase on June 10, at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm BST / 6pm CEST, and we're promised that if we do "some of these reveals are going to be big."