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Report: Nexon offers Disney majority stake as owners look to sell

South Korea's largest games company could be in the hands of Disney soon if a new report is to be believed.

  • Text: Ben Kerry

South Korea's largest games company could be in the hands of Disney soon, if a new report is to be believed.

Back in January, NXC chairman Kim Jung-ju announced his goal of selling his and his wife's stake in NXC, which is a controlling stake of 98.64%. The company holds the majority stake of Nexon Japan, whom wholly own Nexon Korea, and overall the pair's stake is worth roughly $13.2 billion.

Yes, it's a tad confusing but it comes down to this; if the report on the Korea Herald is correct, Disney could be the majority owners of another huge gaming corporation, following their acquisition of LucasFilm in 2012 which led to them controlling the Star Wars license from then onwards.

Nexon is the publisher behind long-running MMORPG Maple Story and Maple Story 2. Nexon Korea, on the other hand, has published games like Counter-Strike Online and Need for Speed: Edge in its local territory.

In March, the run in for potential takeovers didn't include Disney. That list consisted of Kakao, MBK Partners with Netmarble, Tencent, Bain Capital and another unnamed organisation. Kim however, has a special admiration for Disney, as they "do not force money out of kids...(consumers) gladly pay Disney" showing he aspires for Nexon to hold a similar level of brand loyalty.

Do you think Disney will acquire more game companies in the future?

The Maple Story series is Nexon's biggest success.