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Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red looking for Cyberpunk "in-game ads illustrator"

This artist will help flesh out the universe with "consumer services of the dark future," working with the team on futuristic concepts and designs.

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most anticipated games around right now, considering CD Projekt Red's pedigree with The Witcher 3 and their very talented staff, but it turns out they're looking to recruit a rather unexpected addition to their team, as evidenced by the job listing for an "in-game ads illustrator".

In the listing CDPR outlines their goals of making "mature role-playing games with a deep focus on storytelling", and the illustrator will contribute to building the world of this RPG by creating ads for "consumer services of the dark future — from paramilitary medical care, to guns, to fast moving consumer goods and cyberware."

This will of course be delivered in a cyberpunk style, and the person hired will work with the concept team to produce these illustrations, also taking part in meetings to discuss ideas. Check out the listing link above for more on the responsibilities and required qualifications too.

If you're looking forward to the RPG then be sure to keep your eyes out for E3, because the Polish studio has said that E3 is a good place for big announcements, and have highlighted this year as the "most important ever" for them.

Do you like the idea of these in-game ads fleshing out the world?

Cyberpunk 2077