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Gamereactor UK

GRTV: Ubisoft's Mallat on next-gen, Desilets' team

We met up with Ubisoft veteran Yannis Mallat during GDC.

We had the chance to catch up with Ubisoft Montreal and Toronto Chief Executive Officer Yannis Mallat to talk about industry trends during GDC. Of course, the interview is of particular interest today with the much publicised departure of Patrice Desilets from Ubisoft Montreal.

Speaking about the 170 or so employees that joined Ubisoft from THQ Montreal:

"Well you know, they're a part of the Ubisoft family now. And we were happy to welcome those 170 employees, who are already hard at work on a Ubisoft unannounced project."

On transition and next-gen Mallat offered:

"It was indeed a long cycle, it actually is, probably much longer than we anticipated or I would say hoped for. That being said, we on the Ubisoft side, had no other choice than to rely on our own vision of what this so-called next-gen could be. And we were very much relieved when first met with Sony to see that this vision was shared. So we didn't wait and you know a few years ago we decided to invest on high-end PC and have our creative teams empowered in what could come next. And I think that this move is really what helped us to be able to show some playable code at the Sony event. That speaks for itself in terms of where we are."