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Microsoft reportedly has no plans for Xbox Live SDK for Switch

Information from Microsoft's presence at GDC is emerging, including their approach to Xbox Live and maybe even achievements on Switch.

Earlier this year a listing for the Game Developer Conference (GDC) schedule revealed that Microsoft has plans to expand Xbox Live to Nintendo Switch and beyond, and now reports on Twitter from GDC have revealed some more details about Microsoft's approach to the Switch.

Russell Holly, for example, tweeted that Microsft revealed there are no plans for an Xbox Live software development kit for the Switch right now, but that we can expect more games like Cuphead (just announced for Switch) to come to the console with Live enabled over the next year.

Chris Scullion also tweeted about Microsoft at GDC. The company explains that Xbox Live support is being added to mobile games, and apparently there's word of them working with Nintendo to bring achievements to certain titles.

Do you want to see Xbox Live stretch across many platforms?