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Is Lucasfilm Games being revived?

A recent report made people think the Monkey Island developer was back, but Jason Schreier has disagreed with speculation.

PCGamesN recently reported that Lucasfilm Games were hiring again after job listings were spotted online, with Disney saying in a call that they're committed to a "licensed model" and are happy with EA's work.

The Lucasfilm Games listings include producers, art directors, and other roles, with the company working on "interactive products" on various platforms. This got people thinking that Lucasfilm Games was being revived, generating a lot of buzz, but Kotaku's Jason Schreier disagrees.

"This is, quite literally, fake news. Lucasfilm Games is the team at Lucasfilm that's been working with EA on Star Wars games for years now! LucasArts ain't back, guys," he said on Twitter.

This was specifically talking about PC Gamer's headline, so Schreier doesn't seem to think there's a revival going on.

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