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Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers Remastered coming to PS4 and Switch

Fans were right about the teases, and this summer we can play the improved version with all new features and DLC included.

Earlier this month developer The Behemoth released a not-so-subtle teaser image featuring four different Joy-Cons that made us immediately think of their 2008 game Castle Crashers, and now they've officially announced that Castle Crashers Remastered is coming to the Switch as well as the PlayStation 4.

A new trailer below gives a rundown of the last 11 years Castle Crashers has been around, and this particular version of the game will run at 60 frames-per-second; double the 30 the original had. Texture sizes are five times the size of the original too, and in terms of content we'll get a new multiplayer minigame called Back Off Barbarian alongside all previously available DLC and various performance updates and improvements.

Switch players will get HD Rumble, Switch Online, and four-player local multiplayer support as you'd expect. On PS4, however, you can look forward to lighting up your controller's lightbar with your respective character's affinity colour.

These versions have been made alongside PlayEveryWare, and follows on from the Xbox One version all the way back in 2015. As for why they've decided to bring these games to two more platforms, here is what the studio had to say:

"Well, aside from it being one of the most requested things we get asked there's some less obvious reasons. With Alien Hominid not being ported often, we've seen it slowly become unavailable in most places. When we make games we want them to stick around. Taking advantage of the updated hardware of each generation is also very satisfying. Higher resolutions, higher framerates, chances to make tweaks, and better overall quality. Our debut title (Alien Hominid) was available on both Gameboy Advance and Nintendo Gamecube."

"We've always eyeballed Nintendo's platforms with a very warm heart. However, since the Gamecube, Nintendo's cool features often demanded more development time than we were able to balance while guaranteeing quality. For instance, dual screens requiring UI and design reworks. The Nintendo Switch is perfect for us to make our return on and it brings with it the ability to have our games be portable. We always wanted to get onto the 3DS due to portability, so this is exciting for us!"

This doesn't necessarily rule out a sequel though, as they "might make one someday", but it has to be a big improvement and hit all the right notes, rather than just giving more of the same. The Behemoth also points out that Castle Crashers came about in the first place by making a new concept rather than a sequel, which can be done again.

We also get a development update on their fifth game - Game 5 - although there's not much to say on what it is. The Behemoth does want to bring more information to fans later this year though.

Those at PAX East in Boston can try Castle Crashers Remastered on both new platforms, and we can expect the full thing in summer.

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