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The Division 2

The Division 2 uses audio from Chernobyl

The latest dev diary is about the audio design for the game, taken from real-world locations including of course Washington DC itself.

The Division 2 released last Friday to reintroduce fans to the series, except this time with the brand new setting of Washington DC to explore. Just yesterday we published our full review - since it's a game with a lot of content that's kept us very busy - and Ubisoft is still busy releasing videos too.

This latest video is a developer diary dedicated to the audio design of the shooter. Here we see how Massive Entertainment visited real locations in the city to record audio there, and the silent design of the Dark Zones. The team even visited Chernobyl to record some audio to add to this eerie atmosphere.

The Division 2 has also topped the physical UK charts, and with more content coming soon this should keep fans busy for a while.

Have you noticed anything about the audio design of The Division 2?

The Division 2