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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Gabe Newell reportedly gives credit to Microsoft for MCC on Steam

An email was shared on Reddit allegedly from the Valve man himself, saying that Phil Spencer and Microsoft made it happen.

  • Text: Ben Kerry

Last week Microsoft revealed that not only is Halo: Reach being added to The Master Chief Collection, but also that the bundle is coming to PC, including Steam. Microsoft often skips the Valve-owned storefront for major releases, especially at launch, instead opting for the Windows Store, so why is this game on Steam?

It seems a lot of people have had the same question, and while players might assume that it was Valve's doing to try and get the Halo: The Master Chief Collection onto Steam, an alleged email from Gabe Newell posted on Reddit indicates that's not the case.

"The credit goes to Phil Spencer and his team at Microsoft. They made it happen, so yes, it was simple for us," the email reads. Of course this could be a fake, just like the email hinting at Half-Life 3 that we reported on this morning, but it doesn't sound too unrealistic considering how good Microsoft is at forging partnerships these days.

Will you be checking out The Master Chief Collection on PC?

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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