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Anthem player proves 1.0.3 update makes loot irrelevant

The game's global community manager Jesse Anderson addressed these concerns, with 1.0.4 adjusting how power scores are calculated.

Patch 1.0.3 for Bioware's Anthem changed power scaling in a major way, and it seems as if Redditor TermperHoof has discovered a major flaw with this system, as they posted a lengthy explanation which basically concludes the following:

"This post breaks down the logic of Patch 1.0.3's addition of Power Scaling, and why playing the game as intended will only result in diminishing returns, worthless inscriptions, useless components, and pointless weapons. In short, this post explores why 1.0.3 BROKE the game, and WHY you're playing it wrong. Every Legendary is now a pre-patch Level 1 Defender (but oh god so much worse)."

They started the investigation because their 1.0.2 Ranger build stopped working as it should have after this update. After thorough investigation, TermperHoof found that the power score is what matters, not the items themselves. "Combined Power Score is utterly pointless. The game instead just averages what you have physically equipped that isn't level one, and combines that number into a simple variable to select an arbitrary multiplier not related to your equipment," they write. You can check your own power level by averaging the combined values of all of your equipment.

Then comes what TermperHoof calls the Arbitrary Multiplier, which has no relation to your power level. "There are 45 Relevant Power Levels. They range from 30 to 75. Technically those before 30 exist, but they factor so low it's no point mentioning them. The key though is level 31 is officially the starting point where your damage begins to scale beyond 1.0."

"The multiplier at Power Level 75 is 22.622, and this is what I want to highlight. This number is insanely high. So high in fact that it will inadvertently overwrite inscriptions. This means you're constantly playing a game of Diminishing Returns, and your true goal is to try and keep your Power Level higher than your Power Score."

"Epic loot is especially worthless as no matter what the Inscription offers, it's Power Score is 38. You will perform vastly better by brainlessly slapping on anything for its Power Score alone. If you are trying to Min-Max, the only Inscriptions you need to care about is +% DMG, as that scales beautifully with the modifier. This means that you should only worry about wearing anything that is of Highest Power Score and equip as little as possible in the process."

What's more is that the weapon and its inscriptions are also made irrelevant in the process too, as you should instead just wear any old thing with a Power Score of 61 or 75, because it can double or triple the Melee and Ultimate output specifically due to the Arbitrary Modifier.

For all of the nitty-gritty maths involved with the process, make sure to check out the full Reddit post, and this hasn't gone unnoticed by global community manager Jesse Anderson. He explained that this will be fixed in 1.0.4, and clarified the change incoming:

"Instead of using how many items you actually have equipped, the calculation will be done by how many slots you have unlocked. This means at level 30, for example, your average power score will be divided by 11 even if you have empty weapon/gear/component slots."

What do you make of all these findings?