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No Man's Sky

Beyond will bring "radical" new ways to explore No Man's Sky

We don't know much yet, but Hello Games is teasing a whole host of refined multiplayer features.

Hello Games has been iterating on No Man's Sky since the game launched back in 2016. Since then the game has appeared on Xbox One, and it has seen a couple of significant expansions including last year's huge Next update. Now we've caught first sight of the next game-changing expansion coming to the title, and it's called Beyond.

The trailer below reveals very little, and Hello Games doesn't offer up much more beyond that. The studio did mention that the update is so extensive that they're going to detail it in chunks over the coming weeks, and the press release that was sent over to us does point to innovations in the multiplayer space. Apparently, Beyond will "offer radical new ways to explore the universe", but quite what that means remains shrouded in mystery.

According to the studio, Beyond "will dramatically expand the No Man's Sky multiplayer experience, bringing new ways for players to come together from across the universe."

Sticking to the studio's promise of free updates for the game, Hello confirmed that when it lands in the summer, Beyond "will not require a subscription, will not contain micro-transactions and will be completely free for all existing players."