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Bioware responds to concerned post from Anthem player

Community manager Jesse Anderson responded to each of harishcs' points on Reddit, making clear that player feedback is crucial.

It's no secret that not everyone is happy when it comes to Bioware's Anthem, and earlier this week Reddit user harishcs shared a lengthy post in which they break down some of the issues the community have been having, ending with the following message:

"In conclusion I just want to say, we as a community still believe in you, we still believe in this game and we still believe that all of this will pass and we can make something great out of this and all we ask in return is for you to speak to us."

And talk they did, as Anthem Global Community Manager Jesse Anderson responded with a similarly lengthy message, thanking harishcs for their time and for the tone. Anderson also adds that developers are much more likely to respond if comments are respectful, much like this one was.

First up was the topic of addressing trivial issues over major ones, which Anderson explains is just a result of trivial issues being able to be fixed quicker than larger ones, which often take time with no updates able to be given. Speaking of updates, he also adds that these aren't intentionally being hidden in terms of patch notes, but that with so many moving parts things can get lost in the cracks. That said, they'd always rather be more specific in patch notes if they can be.

Perhaps one of the most important paragraphs is the following on feedback though:

"For feedback, we've made a large number of changes based on what players have told us. Not wanting to run to the Forge every time to launch an expedition? We added the ability to launch anywhere in Fort Tarsis, that was because of player feedback. Wanted to visually see loot drop from bosses in Strongholds? Added because of player feedback. If you are talking about feedback on loot in general (and I'm pretty sure you are) I've already said that the team is discussing and that more will be likely be shared in the coming days. I know everyone wants to know when, but I don't have that answer. We do not ignore any feedback from players, sometimes it just takes a bit longer as things need to be discussed for a longer time. We don't want to say something we can't do or give incorrect information. Like Chad Robertson said in a Tweet, we aren't happy with where loot is either, so know that it's high on our priority list."

Anderson also talks about the claims that Bioware discards feedback, as that isn't something that he ever does. He says he always listens to the community, from the positive to the negative stuff, and this includes the players who feel there is a lack of content in the game, a note on which has been passed to the team.

After adding that "Anthem is here to stay," Anderson concludes with this message:

"Again, I want to thank this community for everything. The team is listening to all of your feedback for Anthem on how you'd like to see the game improve, or how you'd like to see us engage with the community differently. I know that players want to see updates faster, but these things can take time to make sure they are done right. We're very appreciative of this community and look forward to the days, weeks, months and years ahead. Strong Alone, Stronger Together."

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