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Sony puts another nail in the coffin of Take-Two rumours

A spokesperson has killed the speculation, and analysts have distanced themselves from the original rumours that recently appeared online.

Yesterday we reported that the rumours floating around the internet about Sony potentially taking over publisher Take-Two were weaker than they appear, as the sources that they were traced back to were based merely on hearsay and no official source was pushing the validity of the claims. As if that wasn't enough reason to be sceptical, now Sony themselves have responded.

In a statement to VentureBeat a Sony spokesperson said that "we do not know where the rumor is coming from, but there is no such plan."

Analyst Michael Pachter also added in an email that "it's being attributed to my trader, who merely passed on what he heard from another desk, along with the words 'chatter,' 'no source,' and 'unconfirmed'."

Either way, it seems that puts the matter to bed then, although with such a big rumour it might take some time to fully die down.

Did you believe the speculation?